As of May 11 2018

Christian is a 6'4" Shooting guard. In just a few months with Cooper International Academy Christians confidence level on the court has soared. He is a big time rebounder with a high motor.  He hits the glass and attacks the basket like no other.

  Christian is a easy going, respectful young man.  He is polite and sets a good example to all watching him. Christian will benefit from playing basketball in Japan by learning important team building skills, ones he will continue to use throughout his life. Let's get Christian to Japan!

A message from the Program


Cooper International Academy is fund raising to help generate financial support to cover tuition fees and travel expenses for our athletes. Each player spends long hours preparing themselves to be the best they can be and appreciate this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Needs of the Cooper International Academy Basketball Program


Your sponsorship will contribute towards expenses required for scholarships, boarding expenses, travel expenses, meal money, resistance bands, weighted resistance vests, basketballs, team warm-ups, game uniforms, digital video equipment used as a teaching tool, tournament fees,  and vertimax upgrades.


With your help we can continue to advance and improve our basketball program!

 Eric Cooper Head Coach